Center for Computational Social Psychology

We are a group of faculty and graduate students studying the application of connectionist (neural network) models to social reasoning and social behavior. We are currently working on the following models:

  • A neural network model of personality and human motivation.
  • A connectionist model of social evaluation, based on Cunningham’s Iterative Reprocessing model..
  • A connectionist model of Cognitive Dissonance.
  • An attractor model of the development and change of coherent belief systems.
  • A neural network model of childhood and adult attachment behavior.


Associated Faculty

Stephen J. Read (Psychology)

Lynn C. Miller (Annenberg School and Psychology)

In addition, a number of individuals in a variety of other departments are also actively investigating connectionist models (Linguistics, Psychology (Cognitive and Clinical), Computer Science, and the Neural, Informational, and Behavioral Sciences Program (NIBS)).


  • Jennifer Talevich
  • Philip Ehret
  • Vita Droutman
  • Gurveen Chopra


3 Macintosh computers

2 HP Quad Core I7


Emergent 5.10 Neural Network simulation software

Thagard’s ECHO program for parallel constraint satisfaction models