Decision Making

Coherence-based Models of Decision-Making

Over the last 10 years Dan Simon and I have collaborated on a series of studies testing a coherence-based model of decision making based on parallel constraint satisfaction processes in neural networks.

Neurobiological Bases of Risky Decision Making 

I am in the middle of a NIDA funded grant in collaboration with Lynn Miller, Zhong-Lin Lu, Antoine Bechara, and Paul Robert Appleby that is examining the neurobiological bases of risky decision making in METH and non-METH using men who have sex with men (MSM).  While they are in the scanner, we are examining their performance on a wide range of cognitive tasks that tap into various aspects of decision making.

Computational Modeling of Risky Decision-making

We will use the results of our fMRI studies of risky decision-making to build Neural Network models of risky decision-making.

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